Code of conduct


This Code of Conduct describes the system of values, basic principles and rules adopted by the Company. It applies to all employees and associates of Seargin. Regardless of the job position, everyone is required to become familiar with it. The Code is intended to clearly specify how one should act in given situations. All persons working with third parties are obliged to request their consent to the processing of personal data. Employees and associates should always act ethically when fulfilling their duties.



Code of Conduct:

  • applies to all employees and other associates acting on behalf of the company,
  • applies to compliance with the laws and internal and external regulations of the company in each country;
  • requires that every person be treated with due respect and dignity,
  • draws attention to the health, safety and well-being of all employees and associates.



We comply with all internal and external regulations, guidelines and instructions. Acting on the domestic and international market, we are obliged to respect human rights and employee rights standards, observe labour law, European Union legislation, and international agreements. Minor breaches of law may have far-reaching consequences, which is why it is so important to become familiar with all procedures. Employees must avoid anything that may entangle Seargin in illegal activities.



In Seargin, all financial transactions must be reported in a transparent manner in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles. In accounting documents, each transaction must be described in a correct manner, clearly indicating its nature. Accounting fraud includes false statements on revenues, expenses, funds or liabilities. It is not allowed to enter information into our books or documents that aim to deliberately conceal or misrepresent the true nature of any transactions or to enter misleading information in order to change data concerning the achievement of goals.



Seargin’s policy is based on fair competition as well as full compliance with applicable anti-trust and competition laws. Legally protected information as well as information relevant to competition may not be disclosed to third parties. Seargin does not conclude any contracts or agreements with customers in a way that could be inappropriate for regulations. We do not talk to employees of other companies about prices or costs.


Unfair Competition = fines, financial losses, loss of reputation



We do not combines private issues with business ones. We pay particular attention to any possible conflicts and we do everything to prevent them. Any situations that could have a negative impact on the company should be reported to the line manager. The same is the case in a situation where an employee planning to take additional employment in another company is obliged to inform us of this fact and obtain an appropriate permit. We try to avoid conflicts. We avoids situations where someone is favoured, whether a customer or an employee. It is important to remember that a conflict of interest does not disappear when one leaves the office. It is always necessary to pat attention to what is done outside the company and whether it could create any unnecessary conflicts.



Seargin is not involved in and does not accept any form of corruption. All relationships with employees, customers or any other third parties must be based on business practices fully compliant with applicable laws. All employees and associates of Seargin have no right to engage in or support any corrupt practices, in particular bribes. Corruption destabilises trade relations, distorts competition, exposes the company and individual persons to risk. In the course of establishing contacts with new customers, Seargin is sensitive to red flags that could indicate money laundering.



In Seargin, all business gifts are acts of good will and hospitality, and not a reward for cooperation with us. Unwelcome gifts may be considered as bribes, so they must meet certain criteria that are commonly accepted in business practices. No employee should receive inappropriate benefits in connection with their position in the company.



We collect, process and store personal data of employees, customers and third parties solely for business purposes and in a manner consistent with applicable laws. Confidential information about the company should be protected, handled carefully and shall not be shared with any unauthorized third parties or made publicly available unless the person concerned has been duly authorized to do so. Confidential information received from a customer is also covered by a number of agreements, the violation of which constitutes a crime or is tantamount to a violation of the terms and conditions.



We realize that we have a great impact on the environment and that we can contribute to improving the quality of our environment, as well as minimizing the negative effects of undesirable actions. For example, by reducing energy consumption and by actively promoting ecological solutions among our employees. We work on energy-efficient laptops. Our servers come only from environmentally friendly suppliers. In our offices, we sort waste. We reduce the consumption of paper every year and use an eco-friendly travel scheme to reduce CO2 emissions.

Everyone has an impact on the environment



Seargin is created by people and for people who are part of the local community. Over the years, we have been involved in charity actions or donations to local children’s homes. We cooperate with local universities and educational institutions. We strive to increase the level of employment of people with different degrees of disability, as well as the number of employees from abroad. In each country where we operate, we comply with their rules. We try to take actions with a positive impact on the local community. We engage in various types of social initiatives, cooperating with organisations whose guiding principles are similar to ours.



The success of Seargin is driven by the potential of its employees, which is why we will continue our efforts to make Seargin an attractive workplace. The progress we make must translate into the professional development of every employee. Seargin is made up of people who are the most important for the company. Once a month we organise technological training courses and webinars, thus contributing to the development of employees and updating their knowledge necessary for work, we maintain a number of benefits, such as sports services or private medical care. We also protect personal data of our employees. We make sure that our salaries are competitive on the labour market.





All employees of Seargin have equal opportunities in terms of experience, results or competences. We treat everyone with respect. We do not tolerate any form of persecution, harassment, discrimination, intimidation or criminal threats. Workplace oppression consisting in negative actions against certain employees is unacceptable. We speak out when we see something suspicious. We do not abuse our position against those lower in the hierarchy. All employees should always be treated according to their skills and qualifications while taking all employment decisions.



Seargin undertakes to protect the health and well-being of its employees, treats all employees in a fair way and with respect and, additionally, ensures equal opportunities in all aspects of employment. Seargin strives to select a reputable business partner who carries out its business in a way that indicates involvement in a safe and healthy work environment, the protection of human rights and human dignity and compliance with law. Seargin undertakes to improve the rules of conditions of work in the organisation. We ensure fair and free recruitment, making sure that employees understand the conditions of their employment and treating everyone equally and without discrimination. We do not tolerate any kind of harassment or abuse. We pay remuneration in a full and timely manner, provide safe and healthy workplaces, and ensure that no forced labour or child labour is used.



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