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Seargin’s SAP Offerings


Seargin is a renowned SAP partner company that specializes in delivering comprehensive SAP solutions to businesses worldwide. 

With a team of over 250 SAP experts, we provide a broad range of services and offerings tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients.

Comprehensive SAP EWM Implementation Services

At Seargin, we offer full-service SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) implementation, providing a robust and intelligent solution for managing your warehouse operations with ease and efficiency.

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Superior SAP S/4HANA Migration Services

Migrating to SAP S/4HANA can revolutionize your business operations, and Seargin is your trusted partner in this significant digital transformation.

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Streamlined SAP
Procurement Services

Procurement is the lifeblood of any business, and Seargin is your trusted partner in leveraging SAP’s procurement solutions to drive value across your supply chain.

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Premium SAP Application
Managed Services

Reliable system maintenance is a cornerstone of seamless business operations. At Seargin, we provide exceptional SAP maintenance services that ensure your systems function optimally and drive business success.

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SAP Analytics Cloud & BW Consultancy Services

Unleash the potential of your data with Seargin’s consultancy services for SAP Analytics Cloud and Business Warehouse (BW). We guide businesses towards insightful, data-driven decision-making.

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SAP solutions and your business goals


Businesses large and small turn to SAP solutions as they want to not only meet stakeholders’ current expectations but exceed them by implementing innovation and staying ahead of the competition.

Adopting and scaling SAP solutions allows companies around the world to achieve excellence in multiple areas — such as supply chain management, business data analytics, or human resources management — as they improve both customer and employee experience and enable revenue growth thanks to increased efficiency and agility.

SAP Partner

Entrust a verified SAP Partner


At Seargin we pride ourselves on being your trusted SAP-certified partner, driving innovation and digitalization across your organization. With our deep understanding of SAP solutions and extensive experience in implementing transformation projects, we empower business to stay ahead in todays dynamic and competitive landscape.


SAP works with an extensive network of partners to help their customers become better-run businesses. SAP partners act as an extension of the SAP brand. And it’s partners like Seargin that SAP relies upon to help design, implement and fully integrate their intelligent SAP solutions into customers’ business operations. And Partner’s involvement doesn’t stop there – an SAP partner will help you adapt your business processes and even fully manage your SAP solutions throughout the full lifecycle.


At Seargin we say, “Don’t get dependent on your SAP Partner – instead, thrive on their expertise”. That’s why we focus on establishing scalable processes that bring value for years to come. That includes implementing a unique Knowledge Management system and state-of-the-art Coordination model. We’ll help you find the solution to address your unique business needs, and even build a custom one extending SAP’s technology, and provide you with strategic business consulting.

Our certified SAP Experts support:

  • Full life cycle implementation of SAP systems.
  • SAP systems’ full life cycle management.
  • System enhancements and upgrades.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • Application Managed Services.
  • Optimization and continuous SAP systems improvement.
  • IT and infrastructure consultations.
  • Service Desk Services and more.

SAP Business Solutions Portfolio: Application Managed Services

Mid-sized and Fortune500 businesses rely on Seargin SAP-certified teams to support them at different stages of their Digital Transformation journey.

SAP Basis Managed Services


Delegate the management, supervision and administration of your SAP system, maximising its benefits and minimising incidents and problems. Entrust a SAP-certified high-performing teams.

SAP EWM Managed


Our SAP-certified teams will take responsibility over your SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) application and ensure its stability.

SAP ERP Central Component Services


Our SAP ECC Managed Services include active management and administration of SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM), SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (SAP CLM), and SAP Supplier Lifecycle Management (SAP SLM) services.

SAP Data Analytics Managed Services


Seargin’s Managed Services teams are top tech consultants experienced in creating and modifying data warehouses, performing data management tasks,and generating reports. We’re experts in SAP Business Warehouse applications and SAP Analytics Cloud.

SAP Business Solutions Portfolio: Full Lifecycle Project Management

SAP EWP Projects


Ensure the success of any SAP Extended Warehouse Management-related projects, such as S/4HANA Migration including Greenfield strategy (new implementation), rollouts, and system upgrades.

SAP ECC Purchasing Platform (SRM, CLM, SLC) Projects


Delegate the completion of the full lifecycle project, such as an upgrade of your Global SAP ECC Purchasing Platform (SRM, CLM, SLC) to Sourcing and Procurement in SAP S/4HANA or SAP Ariba solution.

SAP Data Analytics


We offer a full system analysis of your SAP ERP Central Component Services environment with the goal to ensure a smooth migration to SAP S/4HANA.

In Seargin’s Coordination model they trust

A global SAP-based system upgrade

A global SAP-based system upgrade


The Seargin team upgraded a custom Clinical Trial Management System, built on the SAP ERP from EHP5 to EHP8 version at one go. As the system was planned to evolve to the next-generation CTMS — which it simply couldn’t be maintained on the EHP5 version of SAP — Seargin came to the rescue equipped with the right tools and certified expertise. Our IT Teams secured both the application’s availability and security for people in 18 countries. A 4-month project, over 2,000 tests, and just a few days to complete the upgrade itself.

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IT Managed Service for a leader in biotech

IT Managed Service for a leader in biotech

Before the Seargin team’s involvement, the client was battling operational chaos and lacked visibility into how the system performed. The employees using the system weren’t happy either – they faced an ever-growing number of incidents and bugs. They had to wait a long time not only to solve those issues but also to develop new functionalities and improvements. Our teams achieved the system’s stability by implementing transparent processes and a unique Coordination Model, which helped them switch from fire-fighting mode to preventing management.

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