AI Professional Assistant

AI Professional Assistant

Our foreign entities engage in extensive cooperation, leveraging EU funding collaboratively for joint projects.

Seargin Sp. z o. o. obtained a grant from the European Union for the project “AI Professional Assistant – a system based on artificial intelligence for the purposes of optimizing recruitment processes and supporting the management of an employee’s career path.”

We are implementing the project to strengthen the potential and introduce innovative solutions in the enterprise.

The project is implemented within one R&D module.

About the project

As part of the project, we plan to create a system for optimizing recruitment and HR processes. The AI Professional Assistant will contribute to streamlining the process of searching for a suitable job by an employee, as well as recruiting employees competent for a given position. Moreover, planning and building a career path in this system will contribute to faster and satisfying development of skills and acquisition of new qualifications by employees.

In the first stage, the project will be used by employees who participate in recruitment processes at Seargin Sp. z o. o. and employees of the company’s HR department. Ultimately, modern solutions of the AI Professional Assistant will be used by entrepreneurs, HR departments and individual employees and candidates both in Poland and abroad. The effect of the project will be to improve the candidate recruitment process and help in the career development of employees working in the company.

Project value: PLN 10,590,102.28

Amount of contribution from European Funds: PLN 5,318,692.50

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