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Break into the IT industry without coding or tech skills and join teams working on international projects.

Senior QE w/JavaScript & Cypress

Seargin is a dynamic multinational tech company operating in 50 countries. At Seargin, we drive innovation and create projects that shape the future and greatly enhance the quality of life. You will find our solutions in the space industry, supporting scientists in the development of cancer drugs, and implementing innovative technological solutions for industrial clients worldwide. These are just some of the areas in which we operate.


Senior QE w/JavaScript & Cypress





Form of employment:


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  • Develop and Maintain Test Scripts

    Create, maintain, and execute automated test scripts using JavaScript and Cypress to ensure software quality

  • Design Test Plans

    Develop comprehensive test plans and strategies, ensuring thorough coverage of all functional and non-functional requirements

  • Identify and Report Bugs

    Detect, document, and track defects in the system, ensuring accurate and clear reporting to the development team

  • Integrate Tests into CI/CD Pipeline

    Ensure automated tests are integrated into the continuous integration and deployment pipeline for continuous quality assurance

  • Work Independently

    Manage your tasks and time effectively without needing constant supervision

  • Embrace Lean-Agile Mindset

    Prioritize work that delivers the most value to stakeholders and be open to changes and feedback

  • Take Ownership of Work

    Be responsible for your own and your team's work, ensuring quality and meeting deadlines

What we offer


  • JavaScript Proficiency

    At least 3 years of experience working with JavaScript for automation testing

  • Cypress Expertise

    Proven experience in using Cypress for end-to-end testing

  • Postman Skills

    Solid experience in using Postman for API testing

  • VueJS Basics

    Basic understanding of VueJS to assist in testing front-end applications

  • Version Controlling

    Experience with version control systems to manage code changes effectively

  • Docker Usage

    Hands-on experience with Docker for containerization and managing testing environments

  • Gherkin Proficiency

    Knowledge of Gherkin syntax for writing clear and understandable test cases

  • Git Skills

    Proficient in using Git for source code management and collaboration

  • Analytical Skills

    Strong problem-solving skills and ability to debug issues effectively

  • Team Collaboration

    Ability to work collaboratively in a team and communicate effectively with developers and other stakeholders

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