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International manufacturer of heating and cooling systems, high-pressure pumps, and other engineering solutions relies on Seargin teams to support their manufacturing line during the night shifts.

A business that powers industries and cities has a 24/7 assembly line. The client was looking to get a Service Desk team to fill in the time gap from 11:30 pm on Fridays till 2:30 am on Mondays.

*from the project discovery summary in September 2021 to deployment in late December.

Service Desk in a nutshell

4 member

English-speaking team with knowledge of SAP.

Multi-channel support

English-speaking team with knowledge of SAP and other IT systems

SAP-based system

that managed production line

Service Level Agreement

that defines strict KPIs and remedies

Employees rely on the SAP system to manage and control the production line. At work, they stumble across various operational difficulties in regards to regular office tasks and the SAP system itself. For example, the employees might need support to launch the production line through the SAP system or get help with servers or logins, and more.

A 4 member English-speaking team at Seargin supports employees by handling such queries in a timely manner.

Thanks to the Seargin Service Desk team and their rapid resolution of the issues, employees can focus on their core responsibilities and achieve peace of mind. The inquiries are typically submitted via multiple channels including email, chat, phone or a ticketing system.

Meet-and-greet: Seargin Service Desk team

The members of the Service Desk Service team have similar skillset and qualifications including analytical thinkinggreat communication skillsopennessproactiveness, and, of course, knowledge of SAP and other IT systems.

Combine their skills with Seargin-wide infused customer-centric approach – and you’ve got a recipe for success. Which we at Seargin define as meeting (and in many cases even exceeding) the set of all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), plus achieving high employee satisfaction.

The Service Level Agreement lays out the following set of KPIs: abandoned calls, abandoned chat, First Contact Resolution (FCR) metric, and a Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Those metrics provide a perspective on how the Service Desk Service is performing. Besides that, weekly reports help understand if the employees are happy.

A partner in need, is a partner indeed

The client wanted to get a reliable Service Desk Team that would be meeting the KPIs and delivering an exemplary service. They got that, and even more.

Seargin teams take their support further. During their night shifts, they frequently resolve the tickets the other vendor (which covers daytime shifts) chooses to abandon.

It’s typically a matter of resolving from a few to even dozens of tickets over the weekend. Employees truly appreciate that proactiveness and the fact that they have a Service Desk team to count on – a team that is responsive and willing to go the extra mile.

Going an extra mile

On top of that, thanks to strong analytical skills, the team continuingly proposes new solutions and processes.

Here are just a few examples of the improvements the team advocated for and further implemented:

  • Employees can now listen to a voice recording to get help with minor issues, such as changing the password, for example. So they have access to the solution in a convenient format right away.
  • Phone and chat are now available to employees to use simultaniously. This option wasn’t available before, but just imagine how much it simplifies trouble-shooting process.

In such a way, Seargin teams reduce time-to-resolution and increase employees satisfaction rates for the Service Desk Service.

Overall, the client can always count on us to undertake any ad-hoc projects they need to get done. Our team eagerly help with out-of-scope tasks, be it additional reporting or cleaning the databases and lists.

About the client


The client is a global company that specialises in manufacturering heating and cooling systems, high-pressure pumps, and other engineering solutions. 

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About Seargin


Global companies from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, and Italy trust Seargin to manage their vital systems. 

Seargin specialises in high-technology industrial solutions, SAP Consulting and Implementation services, including IT Managed Services, as well as building and managing dedicated IT Competence Centers. 


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