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A global SAP-based system upgrade

The Seargin team upgraded a custom Clinical Trial Management System, built on the SAP ERP from EHP5 to EHP8 version at one go.

As the system was planned to evolve to the next-generation CTMS — which it simply couldn’t be maintained on the EHP5 version of SAP — Seargin came to the rescue equipped with the right tools and certified expertise.

Our IT Teams secured both the application’s availability and security for people in 18 countries. A 4-month project, over 2,000 tests, and just a few days to complete the upgrade itself.

IT Managed Service for a leader in biotech

Before the Seargin team’s involvement, the client was battling operational chaos and lacked visibility into how the system performed. 

The employees using the system weren’t happy either – they faced an ever-growing number of incidents and bugs. They also experienced long waiting time not only to have the reported issues fixed but also to have new functionalities and improvements developed. 

Our teams achieved the system’s stability by implementing transparent processes and a unique Coordination Model, which helped them switch from fire-fighting mode to preventing management.

A global ERP Solution

Seargin was responsible for the design of the Business Warehouse Architecture as well as for the implementation of the processes and data structures contained within the Business Warehouse Application.

The global Supply Chain Management Solution as well as the Global Master Data Solution were conceptually designed and implemented by Seargin. The Pilot project was managed and supported intensively by Seargin

Global SCM on distributed ERP

A centralized and homogeneous application platform was planned to enable a standardized, automated and efficient flow of information between all SCM units in order to increase process efficiency, reduce error rates and enhance transparency.

Changes to the organization initiated by the standardization of
processes were addressed with specific Change Management procedures. The key elements were continuous communication, planned training activities and strong involvement of the key users during the ERP implementation.

Service Desk Service: We work when you need us

An international manufacturer of heating and cooling systems, high-pressure pumps, and other engineering solutions – relies on Seargin teams to support their manufacturing line during the night shifts.

Employees rely on the SAP system to manage and control the production line. At work, they stumble across various operational difficulties in regards to regular office tasks and the SAP system itself.

A 4 member English-speaking team at Seargin supports employees by handling such queries in a timely manner.

Thanks to the Seargin Service Desk team and their rapid resolution of the issues, employees can focus on their core responsibilities and achieve peace of mind. The inquiries are typically submitted via multiple channels including email, chat, phone or a ticketing system.

"For some IT services providers, incidents, bugs and just-good-enough service satisfaction rate means business continuity. The never-ending fire fighting and poor knowledge management cause the ever-growing dependency on your vendor, and a vicious cycle is created.

Now, our approach, conversely, is based on empowerment and delivering value for years to come. They say success brings success. And this works for us - the clients are happy and grateful, hence they choose us to support them in other business areas. Our employees are happy and empowered too.

J.Wojewski, Seargin CEO