SAP eWM Implementation Services

Seargin’s Comprehensive SAP EWM Implementation Services


At Seargin, we offer full-service SAP EWM (Extended Warehouse Management) implementation, providing a robust and intelligent solution for managing your warehouse operations with ease and efficiency.

Here’s why you should choose Seargin:

Unparalleled Experience:


With over a decade of experience in SAP EWM implementations, we’ve successfully deployed solutions for numerous large-scale international clients. This diverse experience allows us to confidently navigate and manage any complexity that comes our way.

Expert Team:


Our team is composed of highly qualified and experienced SAP consultants who are certified in EWM. They have been integral to our numerous successful SAP EWM implementations, assuring quality, consistency, and proficiency.

Post-Implementation Support and Maintenance:


Our commitment to your success goes beyond the implementation phase. Seargin provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the optimal performance of your SAP EWM system. 

We offer regular system checks, updates, and troubleshooting, with the aim to resolve issues promptly and to maximize the system uptime. 

With Seargin, your EWM solution is not only implemented expertly but also maintained diligently, for long-term success.

International Clientele:


Our impressive portfolio of large international clients is a testament to our global expertise and capacity to handle projects of any scale. We adapt to the unique business environments of our clients, providing tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.

Risk Management:


We recognize the key risks associated with EWM implementation, such as data migration issues, complex integrations, and the requirement for change management. 

We have proven strategies in place to mitigate these risks, ensuring a seamless implementation process.

  • Data Migration: Seargin’s proven methodology ensures smooth data transition from your existing systems to the new SAP EWM solution, minimizing the risks of data loss or corruption. 
  • Complex Integrations: With our extensive experience in system integrations, we are adept at incorporating EWM with various existing systems. 
  • Change Management: To ensure a smooth transition and high user adoption, we provide comprehensive training and support to your team. We’ll guide you through the change management process, ensuring your organization adapts successfully to the new system.

Choosing Seargin for your SAP EWM implementation will provide your business with an efficient, effective, and risk-managed approach to warehouse management. 

We’re here to ensure your journey is smooth and rewarding. 

SAP solutions and your business goals


Businesses large and small turn to SAP solutions as they want to not only meet stakeholders’ current expectations but exceed them by implementing innovation and staying ahead of the competition.

Adopting and scaling SAP solutions allows companies around the world to achieve excellence in multiple areas — such as supply chain management, business data analytics, or human resources management — as they improve both customer and employee experience and enable revenue growth thanks to increased efficiency and agility.

SAP Partner

Entrust a verified SAP Partner


At Seargin we pride ourselves on being your trusted SAP-certified partner, driving innovation and digitalization across your organization. With our deep understanding of SAP solutions and extensive experience in implementing transformation projects, we empower business to stay ahead in todays dynamic and competitive landscape.


SAP works with an extensive network of partners to help their customers become better-run businesses. SAP partners act as an extension of the SAP brand. And it’s partners like Seargin that SAP relies upon to help design, implement and fully integrate their intelligent SAP solutions into customers’ business operations. And Partner’s involvement doesn’t stop there – an SAP partner will help you adapt your business processes and even fully manage your SAP solutions throughout the full lifecycle.


At Seargin we say, “Don’t get dependent on your SAP Partner – instead, thrive on their expertise”. That’s why we focus on establishing scalable processes that bring value for years to come. That includes implementing a unique Knowledge Management system and state-of-the-art Coordination model. We’ll help you find the solution to address your unique business needs, and even build a custom one extending SAP’s technology, and provide you with strategic business consulting.

Our certified SAP Experts support:

  • Full life cycle implementation of SAP systems.
  • SAP systems’ full life cycle management.
  • System enhancements and upgrades.
  • Business intelligence and analytics.
  • Application Managed Services.
  • Optimization and continuous SAP systems improvement.
  • IT and infrastructure consultations.
  • Service Desk Services and more.


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