Szkolenie SAP BPC430 SAP Business Planning and Consolidation: Reporting and Planning

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Solution: SAP BusinessObjects
Delivery Methods: Classroom
Duration: tbc
Level: Basic Processes & Foundation
Languages: Polish

Location: Warsaw

Date: tbc


Course announcements

  • Participants of this class will learn all of the key reporting skills and some planning skills that apply to both the SAP Business Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver and version for the Microsoft platform. In the EPM add-in you will learn how to use the report editor, local members, and formatting. You will learn advanced reporting skills that include VBA, and advanced EPM functions. Learn how to work with comments, and how to publish results in various formats.


  • Report in the Excel Interface of the EPM add-in.
  • Report in the Web Client.
  • Use business process flows for reporting.


  • Application Consultant
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Program / Project Manager



  • Experience with Excel


  • Experience with OLAP products

Course based on software release

  • BPC 10.1 NW Standard Model SP5
  • SAP BW 7.4 SPS10
  • EPM add-in SP21
  • Design Studio 1.4
  • Analysis for Office 1.4.9


  • Overview of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
    • Introducing SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
    • Using the Microsoft Excel Interface of the EPM Add-In
    • Connecting and Configuring the Microsoft Excel Interface of the EPM Add-In
  • Basic Report Building in Microsoft Excel
    • Creating Reports with the EPM Report Editor
    • Using the Member Selector
    • Sorting, Filtering, and Ranking Data
    • Using Read Only, Member Names, and Insertion Filtering
    • Using Account Types and the Measures Dimension
    • Using Member Recognition
    • Using Local Members in a Plan Actual Variance Analysis
  • Enhancements to Microsoft Excel Reports
    • Linking Reports
    • Formatting Reports
    • Reporting on Multiple Sources
    • Reporting by Using Axis Sharing
    • Generating Worksheets
    • Analyzing Data with Time Dependent Hierarchies
  • Report Functions
    • Creating Cell-Based Reports with Functions
    • Creating Cell-Based Reports with Advanced Functions
    • Using the EPMOlapMemberO Function
    • Executing VBA and API Functions
  • Delivered Templates
    • Using Delivered Templates
    • Creating Reports Using Best Practices
  • Everest Data Range Exchange (EvDRE) Reports
    • Comparing EvDRE to EPM Reports
    • Migrating EvDRE Templates
  • Distribution and Collection of Input Schedules
    • Configuring Distribution and Collection
    • Distributing and Collecting Workbooks
    • Comments in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
    • Describing the Comment Functionality in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
    • Entering Comments with the EPM Ribbon
    • Managing Comment Data
  • The EPM Add-in Planning Functions
    • Using The Spread, Trend, and Weight Planning Functions
    • Using Disaggregation
  • Business Process Flows (BPFs)
    • Positioning Business Process Flows (BPFs)
    • Using Reporting Business Process Flows (BPFs)
  • Web Interface in SAP Business Planning and Consolidation
    • Navigating in the Web Interface
    • Creating Web Reports, Input Forms, and Workspaces
    • Publishing Books
  • Drill Through
    • Positioning Drill Through
    • Creating Drill Through for Web Sites
    • Creating a Drill Through for BW Queries
    • Creating Drill Through for SAP ERP
  • Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint Reports with Live Data
    • Creating Reports with Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Dashboards
    • Creating a Dashboard


  • This course is taught on the SAP NetWeaver platform. However, all topics are relevant to the Microsoft version of the application


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