Szkolenie SAP AC207 Parallel Accounting Standards / New GL

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Solution: SAP ERP
Delivery Methods: Classroom
Duration: 3 days
Level: Details, Configuration & Transaction
Languages: English

Location: Warsaw

Date: 03/12/2018 – 05/12/2018


Course announcements

  • With this course you will be introduced to the concept of parallel accounting and learn how to configure and use the two ways SAP proposes to handle parallel accounting in the SAP ERP application: the ledger and accounts approach.


  • explain why parallel accounting is needed
  • understand the two different ways supported by SAP, for mapping parallel valuations
  • configure important topics of both the accounts and ledger approaches to parallel valuation
  • describe significant examples in which parallel values occur and demonstrate them in the SAP ERP application
  • fulfill reporting requirements, e.g. segment reporting (=> IFRS 8)
  • understand the (technical) steps/projects needed to be done to run an ECC6.0 system with activated new G/L


  • People with good SAP Financial Accounting knowledge who want to learn about handling Parallel Accounting with the SAP ERP
  • People responsible for implementing a parallel valuation/accounting, e.g. because IFRS and/or US-GAAP and/or a tax valuation will be needed in the future
  • SAP Consultants and Auditors in the area of SAP ERP Financials without experience in parallel valuation projects



  • Good understanding of processes & configuration in SAP ERP Financial Accounting


  • Familiarity with the new general ledger, e.g. attendance of AC210
  • Basic knowledge in local and international accounting principles

Course based on software release

  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Enhancement Package 7


  • Understand the basics regarding the mapping of parallel valuation/accounting in the SAP ERP application.
  • Describe, configure and operate the accounts solution on the basis of some typical business examples.
  • Understand, configure and operate the ledger solution (within new G/L) on the basis of some typical business examples.
  • Configure the system to fulfill typical reporting requirements for international valuation standards.
  • Get a short overview of (additional) topics/processes which can be affected by parallel valuation.


  • The course AC207 is based on a SAP ERP application with activated new G/L. All information regarding the accounts solution can also be applied by SAP customers using the SAP ERP with classic G/L.


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