High Tech Industrial Solutions: Machine Vision powered by Seargin

Machine Vision Solutions for
Industry 4.0

Machine vision is one of the founding technologies and methodologies of accelerated industrial automation.

And by this date machine vision continues to transform manufacturing, logistics, and operations as it works together with Artificial Intelligence technology. 




Seargin engineering team implemented machine vision solutions at multiple businesses and by doing do we have optimised their manufacturing and logistics processes, sped up production, as well as improved product quality.

How does machine vision solutions benefit manufacturing companies?

Machine vision technology allows industrial equipment to “see” products along with what it’s doing and make rapid decisions based on what it sees. Compared with human abilities and vision, machine vision no doubt wins over every time when it comes to speed, precision, objectiveness, and in consequence costs. 

And so machine vision is commonly used in visual inspection and defect detection, positioning and measuring parts, and identifying, sorting, and tracking of products. 

Manufacturing companies which introduced machine vision solutions to their production lines have seen multiple benefits from gaining a competitive advantage, to optimising costs while improving product quality to safeguarding their future strategies. 

AI Enabled machine vision systems from Seargin

Seargin delivers a machine vision system – an assembly of integrated electronic components, computer hardware, and software that is used to provide operational guidance to industrial processes by processing and analyzing the captured images from its environment.

Features of our machine vision systems:

  • Multi-camera solutions 
  • Multispectral, IR, visible light,  UV, X-Ray 
  • Line and area scan cameras
  • Full synchronization with line automation


  • process monitoring and quality control
  • non-contact vision measurement systems


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