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Break into the IT industry without coding or tech skills and join teams working on international projects.

Software Architect

Seargin is a dynamic multinational tech company operating in 50 countries. At Seargin, we drive innovation and create projects that shape the future and greatly enhance the quality of life. You will find our solutions in the space industry, supporting scientists in the development of cancer drugs, and implementing innovative technological solutions for industrial clients worldwide. These are just some of the areas in which we operate.


Software Architect 




European Union

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  • Leadership in Software Architecture

    Lead the development of cutting-edge solutions to transform the digital healthcare landscape, designing and implementing robust software architecture across various healthcare applications

  • Collaboration with Expert Team

    Collaborate with a team of top-tier experts, leveraging collective expertise to innovate and excel in software architecture development

  • Contribution to Healthcare Optimization

    Directly contribute to enhancing patient care and optimizing healthcare delivery through the design and implementation of innovative software solutions

  • Tangible Impact on Individuals and Communities

    Make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities by advancing software architecture in healthcare, improving access to quality care and services

  • Engagement in Complex Projects

    Engage with complex projects that challenge you to innovate and excel, driving continuous improvement and advancement in digital healthcare technologies

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