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Break into the IT industry without coding or tech skills and join teams working on international projects.

Senior .NET Developer

Seargin is a dynamic multinational tech company operating in 50 countries. At Seargin, we drive innovation and create projects that shape the future and greatly enhance the quality of life. You will find our solutions in the space industry, supporting scientists in the development of cancer drugs, and implementing innovative technological solutions for industrial clients worldwide. These are just some of the areas in which we operate.


Senior .NET Developer Role


C#, ASP.NET, .NET Core, MS SQL, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, AWS, PowerShell





Form of employment:


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  • Engage in Global Collaboration: Actively participate in an international team, contributing to the development and progress of projects across borders.

  • Lead in Agile Development: Participate in Scrum ceremonies and daily tasks, driving the development forward with a focus on agile methodologies.

  • Craft and Own Cutting-edge Solutions: Develop and take full ownership of innovative IT solutions for Customer Engagement using .NET technologies, from concept to deployment.

  • Ensure Code Excellence and Efficiency: Produce high-quality, maintainable code and work towards maximizing software efficiency and quality.

  • Drive Technological Innovation and Transformation: Embrace new technologies and lead initiatives like TTNT to transition towards advanced platforms like Amazon Web Services.

  • Understand and Align with Business Goals: Gain a deep understanding of the business objectives behind projects to deliver meaningful value to the business and its customers.

  • Design and Manage APIs: Oversee the design, development, and management of APIs, ensuring seamless operation and integration within the technological ecosystem.


  • Software Development

    Over five years of expertise in developing software, especially proficient in C#, ASP.NET, and .NET Core, ensuring a strong foundation in coding and application development.

  • Database Skills

    Experienced in managing databases, particularly with MS SQL or similar technologies, enabling efficient data storage and retrieval mechanisms.

  • Microservices and Containerization Expertise

    Skilled in microservices architecture and container-based development, including proficiency with Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift, to support scalable and resilient applications.

  • Agile and Architectural Acumen

    A solid background in implementing Scrum and agile methodologies, along with a deep understanding of design patterns and SOLID principles, to guide effective development practices and software architecture.

  • Language Proficiency

    Fluency in English, both written and spoken.

  • Soft Skills and Adaptability

    Exhibits excellent teamwork, humility, and communication skills, combined with the flexibility to learn and adapt to new languages and technologies, aligning technical solutions with business objectives.

  • Cloud Technologies and DevOps Insight

    Knowledgeable in cloud services (especially AWS), and DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift, enhancing the ability to deploy and manage scalable applications.

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