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Java Developer

Seargin is a dynamic multinational tech company operating in 50 countries. At Seargin, we drive innovation and create projects that shape the future and greatly enhance the quality of life. You will find our solutions in the space industry, supporting scientists in the development of cancer drugs, and implementing innovative technological solutions for industrial clients worldwide. These are just some of the areas in which we operate.


Java Developer





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  • Java Development

    Design, develop, test, and maintain Java-based software solutions tailored for Open Source Compliance workstreams

  • SBOM Generation

    Collaborate with cross-functional teams to develop tools and scripts for automated generation of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to track open source components within our projects.

  • Open Source Compliance

    Assist in implementing and enhancing processes and workflows to ensure compliance with open source licenses and obligations

  • Inner Source & Open Source Collaboration

    Participate in Inner Source initiatives, contributing to the development and improvement of internal tools and libraries. Engage with the wider open source community to stay abreast of best practices and emerging technologies

  • Documentation

    Maintain comprehensive documentation related to code, processes, and compliance requirements to ensure transparency and facilitate knowledge transfer within the team

  • Quality Assurance

    Conduct thorough testing of developed solutions to ensure reliability, scalability, and compliance with specified requirements

  • Continuous Improvement

    Actively participate in code reviews, provide constructive feedback, and propose enhancements to existing systems and processes

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