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Join international IT projects to support the development of cancer treatment, renewable energy production, or develop solutions for the aerospace industry.
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One door, many opportunities
We work with dozens of clients (and counting) and approach each candidate personally. Our promise to you is that once your dream project appears on the radar, you'll know at once.
Do what you do best
Our experienced teams, in turn, will make your job search effortless by supporting you every step of the way. From discovering your expectations to interview prep and beyond.
Get a personal advisor
Hundreds of successful hiring processes equipped our IT Recruiters with industry insights into interviews, IT careers, tech stack, and more. We're here to share with you.

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We love collaborating with companies, that change the world for the better
About us

We say, "Work with the best"

Join international IT projects that have a global-scale impact. Work within biotechnology, green energy, industrial automation, or banking industries – you name it.

In 2021, Financial Times recognised Seargin as one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe (for the second year in a row). Our teams enabled the company to grow at a stellar rate of 760%.


Greet our IT Recruiters

Forget "question-answer-next-question" styled interviews. Our tech-savvy IT Recruiters will dive deep into your experience through a humane conversation. Catching you off guard is not the goal, making sure the process is stress-free for you is.

Our teams will stay in touch during the whole recruitment process and ignite you with their positive attitude. You'll also receive technical interview feedback.

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About us

House Rules: Work with the best

Work with the best

Channel your talent and energy into meaningful IT projects only. When a client settles for "good enough", we part our ways.

Forget fire-fighting – think stability

Deliver value and share knowledge extensively so that client's team can support the solution post go-live.

Communicate openly

Speak your mind right away – don't allow things to snowball. You'll surely get the sense of freedom of speech at team meetings.

Shoot for the stars

Reach for the moon and remember – "nothing is impossible". Your teammates won't let you forget

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