Public trainings Terms and Conditions



  1. The trainings take place in SAP Training Center in Warsaw, address: Wołoska Street 5, Mokotów Business Park, Taurus Building, entrance A, IX floor.
  1. First day of the training is planned to start at 10.00 AM and lasts till 5.00 PM. At every other day, the classes are held from 9.00 AM till 5.00 PM, while the last day of the training from 9.00 AM till 4 PM. One-day trainings are held from 9.00 AM till 5 PM.


  1. An order constitutes an offer by Customer to participate on the course specified in the order subject to these conditions.
  1. Customer shall ensure that the Order is delivered to Seargin at least 7 days before the date of any course, taking into account the appropriate order form available on the Seargin website. The order should be delivered on the following e-mail address: Each order form before submitting must bear the signature of the authorized person and company stamp. Seargin will not accept order forms which provisions are different from those published on the Seargin website.
  1. Upon Seargin receive the order forms, the registration confirmation will be sent to the participants which includes the date of the training’s commencement and completion along with the additional information.
  1. In case of the training cancellation, Seargin does not cover any booking costs associated with the stay at the training (in particular: travel costs, hotel bookings etc.).
  1. Sending the properly filled out and signed order form for the public trainings is not equivalent with its acceptance and shall not be deemed to be considered as the reported person has been taken into account as a training participant. Participant registration confirmation shall be deemed as the acceptance to the training implementation. Seargin is entitled to refuse the provision of any course where:
  • such Course is fully booked,
  • bookings on such Course are fewer than the minimum number required to make it viable for Seargin.
  1. Seargin reserves the right to cancel any Courses at least at 7 days prior to the delivery date and Seargin shall inform Customer of such cancellation and offer Customer suitable alternative dates.
  1. Confirmation of registration to the SAP training is not equivalent with the confirmation of the training implementation for which the Participant has been registered. Prior to the implementation of the training, Participants should receive the confirmation of the ultimate realization of the trainings. Otherwise, it should be considered that training is not conducted in a given period of time.


  1. Customer may cancel its registration for any Course by written notice at least 7 days prior the training implementation provided that:
  • no charge shall be made where notice of cancellation is received by Seargin at least 7 days prior to the date of the Course,
  • 50% of the gross price of the Course shall be charged where notice of the cancellation is received by Seargin between 1 and 7 days prior to the date of the Course,
  • the full gross price of the Course shall be charged where the notice of cancellation is received at the date of the training implementation or Seargin will not receive any information about the cancellation.
  1. Written notice should be delivered to Seargin on e-mail address:


  1. Public trainings are delivered on the basis of the SAP training systems, with the exception of the trainings where the training systems are not required.
  1. Taking into consideration the specification of some SAP trainings, in particular the administration trainings and Business Objects trainings, some exercise during the trainings must be done in pairs. By submitting the participation in SAP trainings, the Participant accepts this possibility.


  1. The participant of the public trainings receives a copy of the training materials in English for the training on which the Participant was registered. The training materials are authorized by SAP SE.
  1. Public training courses are carried out, as a rule, in Polish, on the basis of training materials available in English.


  1. The price of the Course includes the cost of Course documentation, training system (if required), reception service, hot and cold drinks and lunch during the whole course.
  1. The fee is charged for the total training, not for the individual days of the trainings. The payment for services provided shall be made on the basis of a properly issued Pro-forma invoice within 2 days from the date of its issue, to the Seargin bank account indicated in the invoice: 

    Alior Bank S.A.
    nr rachunku: 51 2490 0005 0000 4530 5189 4164


  1. The Participants are responsible for booking the accommodation and shall bear the cost of the bookings on their own.


  1. Seargin does not provide parking spaces for training’s Participants. Participants will have access to a parking for guests (entrance from Postępu Street near the petrol station) payable, unguarded, available 24-hours. The cost of staging in accordance with the rates specified by the statute of Car Park for Guests.


  1. The provided copies of training materials shall become the property of the the Customer, while all intellectual property rights shall remain with SAP. For the contractual remuneration, SAP shall provide the Customer with a non-exclusive license to use these materials only for internal purposes of the Customer, with the provison that the Customer have no right, in particular to use the materials for purposes of conducting training or workshops and for sharing, reproducing or marketing purposes etc.
  1. The transfer of ownership of copies of training materials shall not result in the transfer of author’s economic rights to copies to the Customer or to the participants of Training Services performed by SAP.


  1. Subject to the mandatory provisions of law, the Seargin total liability irrespective of the legal basis of a claim (i.e. both for non-performance or improper performance of contractual obligations, as well as in respect of tort) shall be limited to the net value of the remuneration due to the Seargin for a delivered Training Service (according to a specific Order).
  1. Seargin shall be liable solely on the intentional fault basis and only for damages caused by the breach of material obligations of Seargin. Seargin shall be liable only for documented actual damages sustained the Ordering Party (damnum emergens), the liability for loss of profits shall be excluded (lucrum cessans).
  1. Seargin shall not be liable for any damage caused by force majeure, i.e. in particular fire, explosion, a natural disaster, strikes, a terrorist attack, war, restrictions on the activities under the Act or Regulation.
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