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Utilise Digital Twin Technology

A digital twin is essentially a computer program that uses real world data to offer simulations that will in turn inform you how a product or process will perform in real-life environment.

But the digital twin isn’t really a product you can buy and plug in into your system.

In reality, it’s a custom-developed program that you feed data from the physical world into, and by doing so you tap into a new level of insight without a significant investment.

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With digital twin technology, companies can develop and implement changes into products virtually before developing the physical product that fully complies with the consumer requirements.  

Modelling with a digital twin opens the opportunity to pinpoint bottlenecks in complex and interconnected systems and to even predict the impediments and risks way ahead of time. In other words, companies are able to both achieve transparency at every moment in time and anticipate the future. This essentially means they are getting full control over the entire system – just think about the opportunities it brings to the business and your IT team. 

And at the same virtual replica saves you time and money and puts you in the prime position to gain a competitive advantage thanks to Industry 4.0 solutions.

By implementing digital twin technology Seargin clients achieve such benefits:

  • Gain real-time operational data transparency.
  • Ability to utilize virtual replica that reflects hundreds of assets, metrics, data sources, and other parameters for any business area. 
  • Predict risks and foresee future events. 
  • Make critical optimization decisions before an issue arises, e.g., far sooner than previously possible. 
  • Boost the quality of their decision-making. 

Those benefits help Seargin clients win in today’s complex business environment, where each business area generates enormous amounts of data. 


Real-life examples of how companies utilize digital twin technology

There are many valuable uses cases for digital twins within every business. Speak to Seargin experts who will perform an analysis of your unique manufacturing line and other connected processes to later propose the system transformation with the help of high technology solutions.

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Digital twin technology is used for:

Space Optimization

Design Customization

Operations Management

Transport maintenance

Remote assistance

Asset visualization

Asset Performance Management


Demystyfying Digital Twin technology

A digital twin is essentially a custom-developed computer program that uses real world data to offer simulations that will in turn inform you how a product or process will perform in real-life environment.

As digital twin allows you to virtually replicate and oversee the performance of an object be it a single piece of equipment or complex multi-facet installations without significant investment into a physical asset, it offers multiple benefits: 

  • Improved business productivity and decreased time to market (the total length of time needed to bring a product from conception to availability to consumers).
  • Improved risk assessment as engineers can test a product in different environments and scenarios quicker.
  • Predictive maintenance.
  • Possibility of remote and real-time monitoring of an object or asset. 

And many more.

One example is Boeing company, which uses a virtual replication of physical airplane parts and simulates their performance throughout the lifecycle of the airframe.

The digital twin program allows to create a virtual three-dimensional model that can go through a simulated lifecycle of the environments and conditions that the real asset will experience. The lifecycle is created by digitally threading together bits of data about that component’s in-service product lifecycle.

Businesses from various industries, where developing a physical product is costly are utilising digital twin technology. Examples include manufacturing, automotive, space, healthcare, utilities, aerospace, and others, 

The extent to which those companies use digital twins, however, can vary.


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