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A global SAP-based system upgrade

The Seargin team upgraded a custom Clinical Trial Management System, built on the SAP ERP from EHP5 to EHP8 version at one go.

As the system was planned to evolve to the next-generation CTMS — which it simply couldn’t be maintained on the EHP5 version of SAP — Seargin came to the rescue equipped with the right tools and certified expertise.

Our IT Teams secured both the application’s availability and security for people in 18 countries. A 4-month project, over 2,000 tests, and just a few days to complete the upgrade itself.

IT Managed Service for a leader in biotech

Before the Seargin team’s involvement, the client was battling operational chaos and lacked visibility into how the system performed. 

The employees using the system weren’t happy either – they faced an ever-growing number of incidents and bugs. They also experienced long waiting time not only to have the reported issues fixed but also to have new functionalities and improvements developed. 

Our teams achieved the system’s stability by implementing transparent processes and a unique Coordination Model, which helped them switch from fire-fighting mode to preventing management.

SAP system upgrade
in a nutshell


active system users

18 countries

rely on system's availability

2,000+ test

to confirm all functionalities work as expected

4 months

completion time, two days ahead of schedule

"The upgrade was essential to improving the system performance and security, and to enable further system enhancements. Being stuck with the EHP5 version of SAP prevented the client from launching new business functions,"

Marceli Sypień, the Project Manager at Seargin, who, together with the Project Manager from the client’s site, worked on the system upgrade, explains.

In Seargin’s coordination model we trust

Picture this — none of the employees witnessed the system upgrade in 7 years. Getting the end-users onboard and empowering them during a what-could-be-a-stressful-for-them system upgrade was essential. After all, the system is there to support and simplify their everyday jobs.
“From the beginning, I understood the importance of communicating and supporting people who use the system. We couldn’t allow the upgrade project to become a burden for end-users,” Marceli Sypień explains.
That’s why training, regular updates with employees in 18 countries (such as Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, Australia, Spain, and more) and developing contingency plans became an integral part of the project.
After the hard work, all planning and preparation steps, chasing people and check-in calls, we are more than relieved that the upgrade went smoothly. Your orchestration was really superb and we thank you very much for that.

From the client to Seargin teams, by Manager at a leading biotechnology company.

About the client


The client is a global company that specialises in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. 

Their employees spread across the globe contribute towards transforming the patients’ lives through developing innovative solutions. 

About Seargin


Global companies from Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the USA, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, France, and Italy trust Seargin to manage their vital systems. 

Seargin specialises in high-technology industrial solutions, SAP Consulting and Implementation services, including IT Managed Services, as well as building and managing dedicated IT Competence Centers. 

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Mid-sized and Fortune500 businesses rely on Seargin SAP-certified teams to support them at different stages of their Digital Transformation journey.

  • Our certified tech talent support: Full life cycle implementation of SAP systems
  • SAP systems’ full life cycle management
  • System enhancements and upgrades
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Application Managed Services
  • Optimization and continuous SAP systems improvement
  • IT and infrastructure consultations
  • Service Desk Services and more.

Seargin had helped digitalise and modernise business processes and legacy systems. Our team drove superb results for our clients, they:
– Decreased the number of reported bugs by 94%;
– Reduced average staff attrition to under 5%;
– Drastically decreased time to develop new functionalities;
– Improved visibility into systems’ performance;
– Allowed to tap into deep insights to inform real-time decission-making.